Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get paid?

You can receive your Cash Back in 4 different ways:

  • Direct Deposit/ACH: $15 minimum.
    Available for U.S. residents only.
  • Check: $20 minimum.
    Available for U.S. residents only.
  • $25 minimum.
  • eGift Card: $15 minimum.
  • Western Union: Minimum: $50 (not available all countries) 
  • See all payment methods available in your country.

Click here to choose your payment option.

When will I get paid?

Payment will be sent to you after cleared cash back reaches the minimum payment threshold. Each store has its own return policy, and typically it will take 30-60 days for cash back to clear.

Payments will be sent on the 1st of each month for amount approved by 15th of previous month.

Can I use coupons from other sites?

Only coupons and promo code found on this site will earn cash back.

Are there any orders that won't earn cash back?

Every store has its own policy on what products/categories won't earn cash back. As a general rule, shipping charges and sales taxes do not earn cash back. Some stores may not allow cash back on gift card purchase or offer a lower cash back amount. For some stores, certain products, brands or categories don't earn cash back.

I'm located outside the United States. Can I still earn cash back?

Yes. Many merchants on the site ship overseas. In order to get paid, you’ll have to choose Paypal or Western Union as your payment method. We will send payments in US$ and Paypal or Western Union will convert it to your local currency.
Transfer fees will be deducted from your payment amount.

Are there any payment fees?

  • Paypal may charge fees for payments sent outside of United Stated.
  • There is $10 fee for returned ACH/Direct Deposit for U.S. account.
  • There are no fees to receive check in U.S. or gift card.
There are more payment methods available based on your country. See all payment methods available in your country.

Where is my cash back?

For many stores it takes up to 24 hours to see the cash back in the list of list of Pending Orders. If you still missing cash back for your order you must submit an order inquiry.

How can I check how much I've earned so far?

Click here to view your cash back balance information.